Welcome to my sewing blog! The intention of this blog is to share some of the projects that I've made and hopefully spark some creativity in you! You'll quickly find out that my life is a busy life and I'm full of life!!! You'll also find out that this blog is not only about sewing but it's about family, lifestyles and of course recipes! As I share my life with you, I hope you'll share your life with me.

Chevron!!! Its' the RAGE!!!

Have you seen all the cute chevron fabric?  Is it not the cutest??  It's so hard for me not to buy every single bolt that I see.  This fabric (in the picture) is probably one of my favorites because it's a rich duck cloth fabric.  It's super sturdy.  

The caddy is used to store whatever you desire.  I'm thinking bread for the table, candy, fruit, keys, etc.  Endless!!  This make a great gift for someone under the weather or a "just because" type of gift. Add some fruit muffins....like blueberry muffins and your all set! Interested in purchasing this caddy or travel mug?  Simply email me at Stitchings@Ymail.com.  

Appliqued Pocket T-shirt

Have you seen the new applique pockets?  They are so super cute! Let your imagination run wild with a new design.  This is a simple design that I made for Gracie.  It's the first of many appliqued pockets!  Love them!!!

It takes very little fabric to create this adorable pocket.  You can actually not embroider on the pocket and have a functioning pocket.  Simply take a t-shirt, quality thread, fabric (scraps are fine for this project), a good pair of scissors, temporary adhesive,  a sewing machine and your set!  If you don't have an embroidery machine, you could use a blanket stitch.  The fabric is doubled folded so that there are no raw edges when appliqued.  Trim the excess fabric from the pocket once stitched in place and start the applique!  Love, love, love this technique!!!  In the picture below, I've already appliqued the pocket to the shirt.  You can see the small ziggy stitches.  My machine is going over those stitches now with an embroidery stitch.  Cool??
Just finished the applique work and now starting the embroidery stitch around the pocket.

All done!  Walah!!!  Love it!!!!
Like I said, this is the first of many little t-shirts that I've appliqued!  Gracie actually took a few orders for me at her school.  Super popular right now with the kids and some adults as well!  Think it turned out pretty cute???

Maureen's Fabric Giveaway

Ladies!  I think we need this generous fabric giveaway!!!!  It's 40 fat quarters of Sunnyside by Kate Spain!   Need I say more???  So head on over to Maureen Cracknell's blog.  The link is below!!!


Gracie's snacks

My 8 year old baby Gracie (yes, I still call her my baby) has a severe peanut allergy.  We protect her from all nut products because it's just easier to tell someone she has a nut allergy than a  peanut allergy.  May sound crazy but it's a little less confusing for everyone.

At the start of each school year, I pack Gracie a snack bag.  That little snack bag is full of nut free items just for Gracie.  We wanted her to have something in the event special snacks (like for a child's birthday party) were sent to school.  After all, Gracie gets a safe snack, right?

So this year, I made Gracie a little caddy or bin to keep her snacks in.  It contains stuff she likes and yes, most of it is junk food although there is some applesauce tucked inside.  We give her fruit but when another child is eating a cupcake with tons of frosting, doesn't Gracie deserve something sweet too?

Her little caddy has her name embroidered in purple.  Purple is Gracie's favorite color, well favorite color of the day!  It's the perfect storage for her goodies.  And...doesn't it look suitable for a little girl??

Like it?  What would you put in this little caddy?
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